The Company


Norte Magnético is a specialized company in Rehabilitation and Property Investment.
Rehabilitation projects are based on the on a diagnosis of the building state of preservation.
We give preference to less invasive interventions and energy-efficient strategies.

Why is it needed a diagnosis of the building state of preservation?

Before making any intervention it is necessary to observe the condition of the building.

When interfering in an existing building it is necessary to become knowledgeable of the object in hand. It is essential to assess its construction system, to know what the eventual existing pathologies are, as well as its history.

The more information is gathered about the existing building, the more controlled will the expenses be, assuring the most relevant techniques and solutions for rehabilitations.

Why do we give preference to less invasive interventions?

The less invasive interventions we have on a building, the greater will the preservation of the original object be and more controlled will de expenses be.

The selection of a building for a specific functional programme is the “key” here. When a specific programme is correctly integrated in an existing building, it will just imply small changes and guarantee the preservation of the original characteristics.

To optimize the investment, we minimize the interventions, requiring less labour, and reducing the introduction of new materials. Therefore we can cut costs when adapting the building to its new purpose.

Why the use of energy-efficient strategies?

It is essential to design and build for comfort (thermal, indoor air quality, acoustics and natural light quality) and for reduction of energy consumption.

It is important to adapt the building to the environment by adopting strategies that take into account the specific local climate, as well as the building functions and programs, without neglecting its unique features.

A more efficient energy behavior will cut costs, contributing to a faster investment return.