Consultancy on property investment in the area of rehabilitation, which combines Technical and Property Assessment.

The goal is to provide a service that helps our customer (business or private investor) to take investment decisions, implementing a business strategy that fits his needs.

Property investment in the area of rehabilitation in terms of direct-investment and co- investment.

The goal is to promote rehabilitation projects. Our services offer good examples of rehabilitation with outstanding cost / benefit ratio.

Entrepreneurship management, providing project management and construction management.

Project Management
The goal is to coordinate all projects (inspection and diagnosis, architecture and specialties), anticipating conflicts, and avoiding unforeseen work. It is one of the most important activities preceding construction.

Construction Management
Our service includes the tender phase coordination and the inspection work. We offer a service model that leverages the property owner to actively negotiate and control costs with all parties involved during construction phase.

The goal is to establish “custom-made " partnerships with our customers, acting on their behalf and managing all rehabilitation work aspects. The entrepreneurship management we propose, is risk-sharing, reduces cost, improves quality, reduces complaints and also offers maximum flexibility to our customers.

Our services can be contracted in an integrated manner or in installments. We establish "custom-made” partnerships for our customers.


Norte Magnético is a Consulting, Project Management, construction Management, Property Inspection and Investment Company specialized in existing building rehabilitation. We coordinate and manage all stakeholders at every stage of the rehabilitation process. We build a network of experienced partners and collaborators (Brokers, Financial Partners, Legal Partners, Consultants, Designers, Contractors) in the field of building rehabilitation.

Our goal is to manage people and ideas responding to the business strategy agreed with our customer, fulfilling conceptual goals, due dates and budget.